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›› 08/15/16
New posts at / blog. Check 'em out.

›› 08/15/16
I've started a new novella that is focused for a Young Adult audience. It's coming along well and I expect it to be finished before summer...

Other Artists
This entire year has been spent investigating the work of internet artists. There are far too many too list all at once but some are just too good to ignore.

Check out Nati Pierandrei.

Our Story
Onlyness takes place in a world that hides just beneath the surface of our own, where angels fell from grace, not in myth or legend but in historical fact. In this world, the rebellion of the angels was an actual series of battles between extra-terrestrials. These uprisings ended in the vanquished retreating to the planet that we now inhabit. This is the scene that is the backdrop for the "Tales of The Fall" trilogy. Onlyness, the first book in the series, relates four separate yet connected tales that span across centuries of human affairs and are woven together to create a narrative that touches on both theological and speculative fiction.

Sigil is the main character, a fallen angel who is a veteran of the rebellion and who begins the story by being ejected from the company of demons for the crime of mercy. Ensnared by the love of a mortal woman, his compassion for her forces a rift between his superiors and causes him to be exiled to the mortal world. He is forced to wander the Earth, neither angel nor demon, but as an impartial observer of our broken culture. Berith is another demon, who betrays Sigil and is also banished to the world of mortals. The two are pitted against each other and against the timeline of a struggle that will decide the fate of the human race. Solomon and Mara Worth are young siblings, the unknowing offspring of Berith and a human, who are intimately tied to Sigil's ultimate redemption. Anomalie Harper is a partially cybernetic teen-aged girl who is born into a potential future where any creative endeavor is violently repressed. In her reality, the fallen angels have taken power and have instituted a regime of stark obedience. Within this harsh, urban environment, she manages to come into contact with Sigil and is recruited into the conflict.

One of the distinctions of Onlyness is its treatment of magic as a lost technology. Because the human race has lost its ability to sense a greater range of energy phenomenon, magic has slowly eroded and evolved into pervasive hi-tech. Amidst this evolution, the lives of the characters cross and merge throughout their various incarnations on Earth.

A strange story of The Race of Angels and their rebellion in the heavens, the tale spans hundreds of years of human history and follows one fallen angel on his path to redemption. In his travels, he encounters two small children who possess great mystical powers and who together hold the key to the salvation of the entire human race. Stretching from the Original Sin and the consequent Fall from grace of the Angelic Race and the fall of man, to the post-apocalyptic cyber-punk urban ghetto, the book touches on our own place in the cosmic drama.